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Affordable housing is clearly in short supply for both renters and potential home owners. There are numerous issues involved in addressing affordability. High rent for substandard housing is a major problem for many Burlington residents.   Too many in our community find the social safety net has failed them and they have no housing at all.  Joan supports efforts to provide housing for all members of our community, especially for the most vulnerable.

Joan’s Housing Action:

  • Led the effort to expedite a zoning change allowing the Women’s Rape Crisis Center (now Hope Works) to purchase and occupy its current building.

  • Led a City effort to convert downtown to a Form-Based Code in the Downtown and Waterfront to Encourage New Housing Investment as recommended in the housing action plan.

  • Supported easing restrictions on creating Accessory Dwelling units.

  • Supported restrictions to creating "AirBnB" units in favor of preserving housing units.

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